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There’s something special about fall weddings. Not only is the climate perfect, but the changing foliage makes for a romantic and magical atmosphere. If you’ve chosen an autumn wedding date, you can tap into those warm hues of changing foliage for your fashion and décor, balance out the cooler temperatures with some cozy touches, and even add some seasonal treats to the menu.

Here are some top tips for planning the perfect fall wedding!

Have a Backup Plan for Unpredictable Weather

Like spring, fall is a season with rapid weather changes. One week it still feels like the dead of summer, and the next, you have to dig your sweaters out of storage. Look over the last few years local weather trends (particularly if you don’t live in your wedding location) and estimate what the weather might be like at your event. However, as with any season, backup plans for a fall wedding are necessary. If you want your wedding ceremony outdoors, make sure that you have a contingency location in case a sudden storm hits.

Find an Indoor/Outdoor Wedding Venue

If you can, find a venue that allows you to use indoor and outdoor spaces. It would be a shame to miss the magic of a cool, clear evening at a fall wedding, but temperatures can get chilly. Keep warm around fires and serve hot festive drinks to get everyone into the fall spirit. Reserve the inside for dinner and dancing, and then you and your guests get the best of both worlds! 

Incorporate Layers into Your Wedding Looks

In early fall, the weather will still be warm during the day, but as the sun sets, it will cool off quickly. The wisest decision is to incorporate cute toppers and layers into your looks. From cozy wraps to faux fur shrugs, there is a cover-up to match any bridal or bridesmaid dress.

Include Seasonal Foods

Favorite fall foods are generally more flavorful and decadent than what you would plan for a hot summer event. Enjoy celebrating the season with an eclectic menu from pumpkin spice to sticky caramel apples and strudel!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to a fall wedding. If you are ready to embrace everything the autumn season has to offer for your special day, Secret Window Wedding & Event Venue has you covered. Our unique indoor/outdoor venue, located in the breathtaking state of Colorado, can offer you and your guests a private and non-traditional venue with an art gallery setting.

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