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420 Events

Colorado is home to a booming cannabis industry since recreational cannabis is legal. In fact, Colorado was the first state (okay, and Washington, too) to legalize recreational cannabis. As a result, we're happy to celebrate cannabis culture by hosting your next 420 event.

Ideas for a cannabis event

Cannabis enthusiasts gather! No matter what you’re celebrating — from 420 (on April 20th) to a birthday — there are several creative ways to put marijuana into your party plan. Let’s take a look at some 420 party ideas for consideration:

Cannabis Party Favors

Kick the cannabis event off right by offering your guests pre-rolled joints and edibles. This way, they can be enjoyed right away or later. If applicable, label the items with strain names. 

Novelty Smoking Devices

Make your 420 party memorable by offering your guests something special to smoke out of. Go for a unique bong (or two) for the occasion, or consider splurging for a vaporizer that allows for group smoking. You might consider adding a hookah to the mix for social smoking.

Customized Lighters

When hosting a cannabis party, having plenty of lighters on-hand is vital. In addition, you could give your guests customized lighters as a party favor. 

Non-Medicated Munchies

You can still celebrate cannabis culture while providing a spread of delicious food, such as weed leaf cookies or a menu inspired by local food trucks! Think: Frito pies, pizza, corn dogs, or burgers with fries. 

You might also consider snacks that include CBD for anyone that’s found themselves a little too high. 

Weed Playlist

You can’t have a party without a stellar playlist. Yours might include personal favorites, live music, hip-hop weed songs, or stoner favorites. It’s a detail that will keep the party going. 

Cannabis Games

Keep your guests entertained with festive games such as “Weed Jenga” — Jenga while smoking — or “Elevated Disc Golf,” which requires each player to take a hit from a bong or dabber every time they throw a disc.

There’s also “Weed Pong” instead of beer bong, or put a twist on your favorite video game by having the winner smoke — you create the rules!

Who’s ready to celebrate pot culture? Between our indoor/outdoor venue and experienced party planners, we’ll help you plan an event that honors the marijuana movement in the best way!



We know event planning is hard. Let us help!


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